مركز بيروت للسينثيسايزر

The Beirut Synthesizer Center is an informal co-op for electronic music enthusiasts, amateurs, musicians, artists, and researchers to exchange expertise, discover instruments, and collaborate on music/sound making. The space will host workshops, lectures from artists abroad, feedback sessions, small-scale performances, a library, and whatever else emerges from the collective.

We hope to build a space generous enough to support our respective practices as well as those of the community.

Why do we need a Synthesizer Center?

In the midst of the compounding, multi-faceted turmoil in Lebanon there has been a lack of governmental support for artists. Meeting and sharing resources is a strategy for holding us together and moving forward.

We need any kind of Center.

The main goal is to create a strong base for everyone to learn, share and collaborate as equals — with respect, care, and thoughtfulness. It is a physical space for creative nurture as much as it is a space to learn new technology, share work, and experience listening together.


The Center will be open throughout the spring and summer of 2021. Plans beyond this point have yet to be formed. We hope to connect as much as possible during this timeframe.